Launch of investors portal

Wednesday 19th of June 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our “investors portal” as part of our website.

This portal is meant to provide quick and reliable service to all our main stakeholders of our company and in our vessels. We have named the portal “investors portal” but it is actually covering the broad scope of shareholders and all of the financial institutions financing our fleet.

Each shareholder, bank and financial institution gets a username and a unique password allowing them to get access to the latest financial information for their specific vessel(s).
Ultimately each third week after completion of a preceding quarter, the quarterly results will be published.  Investors will automatically get an email message if new information is added on the site.

If need be, the management will comment on these figures and they might also use the tool to make you aware of relevant market conditions, special circumstances and the like.

We trust that by offering this tool the overall service to our stakeholders is further enhanced.  Needless to say though, that we will offcourse remain contactable for all additional questions comments or suggestions.

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