MV Beautriton - Equator Passage

Friday 16th of October 2015

Thursday the 20th of September MV Beautriton passed the equator as she sailed from Qingdao to Freetown.      
Under command of master A. Zdobin (AKA King Neptune), crew followed the old seaman’s tradition of the Crossing The Line Ceremony:

Statement of master:

On 11th of September 2015 at 1400 UTC, MV Beautriton crew passed CAPE OF GOOD HOPE in the South Coast of South Africa and on 20th of September 2015 at 1714 UTC latitude 00°00’,  longitude 008°14.45’W, the crew CROSSED THE EQUATOR in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the tradition, all those crossing the equator for the first time must be baptized by NEPTUNE, the lord of the oceans, seas, sovereign of lakes and rivers, master of all water surfaces. 

Onboard MV Beautriton, the crew who passed the equator for the first time were:

2nd Officer  - Lee Lim
3rd Engineer - Sagi Akhmedov
AB  - Nicanor Takiang Jr.
AB  - Rhoderick Bañanola
OS  - Jefferson Borromeo
OS  - Joey Bacalaños
Chief Cook - Carlo Letrodo
Deck Cadet - Dean Santos

Captain Andrey Zdobin (on behalf of Lord Neptune), Chief mate Nikolay Orlov (on behalf of Seniority Devil and Sea Evil Forces), and Chief Engineer Sergey Savchenko (on behalf of Water Nymph) verified the crew of MV Beautriton by strong wind, high wave, violent storm, hurricane, typhoon, terrible rolling and pitching, tempted by mermaid and water nymph and passed all examinations with dignity!

For the good work, for able to withstand against misery, for the loyalty of crew to Lord Neptune and sea life, solemnly baptized them by putting the mark of his powerful staff in their chest with heavy fuel oil and by drinking seawater and bathe  them by holy seawater. Therefore, they were invited to the seaman’s family and were given the NEPTUNE CERTIFICATE as proof of their initiation rites of passing the equator. From then and onwards, fortune will follow those seafarers with only fair wind, calm seas, and seven feet under keel all the time. 

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